Are You Considering Creating a Mobile Friendly Website?


Up until this year mobile friendly websites were a luxury of large brands or companies with big IT budgets. Then a little thing called responsive design arrived and it changed the mobile landscape for the average business.

Responsive web design allows website developers to best utilize the available screen real estate on desktop and mobile devices.  The website adapts in layout without removing massive amounts of web content.

What was once considered a costly expenditure is now part of the standard website design project. Businesses no longer have to create two independent websites or pay to support two websites. They can develop one website that simply adapts to accommodate the smaller footprint of mobile devices.

Benefits of Using Responsive Design

• Captures more mobile traffic

• Captures higher ranking and more search traffic for local terms and phrases

• Improves overall bounce rates because it cuts down on mobile user frustration

• Avoids duplicate content that can result from managing two websites

• Increases online sales (yes people really do buy products off of mobile devices)

• Cheaper than developing separate websites for desktop and mobile usage

• Saves development time because you create only one website

• Provides a consistent user experience across devices (as opposed two multiple websites that look and act differently)

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